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Imagine waking up every day breathing in fresh air, being surrounded by nature and breathtaking scenery. Those are all things a mountain home can offer. Now that we are into fall, many folks who have vacation or second homes are traveling south to stay warm this winter. That means there is less competition for properties for sale in the mountains whether you want it as a second home or for your permanent residence.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in the mountains:

Views for days. The trees, snowy mountaintops and even a lake or two, there’s arguably nothing more beautiful. You’ll be able to have these views every single day. Seeing all of the nature around means you’ll also get extra privacy.

Stay in shape. There are so many activities you can do year-round that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. From skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, etc., you’re never short of recreational activities to choose from. Take for example that nine out of the 10 healthiest states in the U.S., according to CBS News, all have mountain ranges covering their state from Colorado to New Hampshire.

The wildlife. Witness animals in their natural habitat like bears, elk, mountain goat, lynx and more (obviously be careful as well). Having these animals can also create a hunter’s paradise. You can hunt some big game in mountainous states.

Return on investment. You can gain some long-term profits from a mountain home if you choose to rent it out part of the year. With vacation properties like this, you can not only charge a rental fee, but a cleaning fee and adjust prices depending on the time of year. Mountain properties also tend to keep their value better than other homes.

While there are a lot of perks of owning a home in the mountains, there are many factors to consider before jumping into a purchase. Are you ok with dealing with some extreme weather, having a long drive for a carton of milk and forking out a little more money since prices can be higher? If these things aren’t deal breakers then contact one of our mountain and second home real estate professionals at RE/MAX IN ACTION.

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